Canadian Politics

A04(d) - Roundtable: Mainstreaming Critical Theory in Canadian Politics Graduate Education

Date: Jun 12 | Time: 01:45pm to 03:15pm | Location:

Dennis Pilon (York University)
Megan Aiken (University of Alberta)
Bruce Mckenna (University of Quebec at Montreal)
Joy Schnittker (McMaster University)

Abstract: As a practice, the study of Canadian politics draws from multiple research traditions, utilizing a variety of methods and theoretical approaches. But graduate education in the study of Canadian politics at Canadian universities appears to be more narrow, focusing most extensively on a positivist tradition of social science that privileges a narrowly defined form of empiricism rooted in quantitive methods. This roundtable brings together faculty and graduate students to address how to bridge this gap and more effectively mainstream the critical theory and methods that a considerable group of Canadian political scientists are already using so that graduate students have exposure to a fuller range of options in pursuing their studies and research.