Race, Ethnicity, Indigenous Peoples and Politics

L02 - Roundtable: Roundtable on "Making Space for Indigenous Feminism" (Joyce Green, ed.)

Date: Jun 12 | Time: 10:15am to 11:45am | Location:

Chair/Président/Présidente : Ryan Crosschild (University of Calgary)

Making Space for Indigenous Feminism (Joyce Green, ed.) is a renowned collection of works by Indigenous feminists and allies that brings a gendered and feminist lens to the contemporary issues faced by Indigenous people worldwide. The first volume of Making Space (2007) was largely a definitional project that established and defended the need for Indigenous feminism as a theoretical and activist position. The second edition (2017) worked to galvanize this framework, practice, and movement, animating the discourse on Indigenous feminisms through real-world applications. This roundtable discusses the process involved in the creation of the forthcoming 3rd edition (Gina Starblanket, ed.), with contributor reflections on the complexities and possibilities involved in advancing Indigenous feminist intellectual and activist practice in relation to contemporary contexts and debates.